Monday, 1 August 2011

Why I am annoyed?

There are small moments in each day that lead to annoyance on my part. When my partner or kids forget for the thirtieth time that day to turn lights off as they leave a room, when someone cuts me off while driving, when a person pushes in front of me in a line or bumps me as they walk past without a single thought to saying sorry. All of these things do annoy me, and there are other things too of course *smile* I'm human.

I have been thinking lately about why these things produce this response. The obvious part of all of those examples is that those particular actions are all examples of people not respecting or caring for others. This is different to the way I think. Anything different then produces a reaction in our minds and bodies.

So, as I see it, I have a couple of choices when I am confronted by an annoying or "different" situation. I can take the actions personally, relate them to a friend over coffee (maybe a couple of friends) and stew on the incidents thereby giving time, and energy to something that really was only a fleeting moment in time. That's one response.

Alternatively, I can experience that momentary feeling of annoyance with complete forgiveness for myself for that human reaction. I can view the other person with the same level of forgiveness, forget the incident and move on straight away, not even bothering to relate the story to others or think about it again a few minutes afterwards.

The choice seems obvious to me. I prefer to view all actions from the view point of love and forgiveness. I am human and I feel annoyed, angry and fearful just like any one else does at times. I CHOOSE a path of forgiveness, even for those small and insignificant seeming events that occur on a daily basis. I don't know that the person who bumped into me on the street without apology might not have been worried and rushing to visit a friend in hospital, or the stories behind anyone else's actions really. Even if I did, it really isn't my place to make a judgement on others.

So you can choose to be annoyed, and to prolong the time and energy put into this emotion by carrying it around with you, or, you can choose to forgive, forget and move on to the ext part of your day with love and forgiveness in your heart.

With love and light

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