Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I have  used the term "lightworker" often in my posts, but am yet to define what I interpret this to mean.

This is a term I first heard used at and Angel Intuitive camp. When I first heard it, I responded with an "uh-huh" moment; one of those moments when everything seems to fall into place and make perfect sense.

A lightworker, in my opinion, is anyone who chooses to follow a path of love and forgiveness and takes the time to listen to their heart. A lightworker is a person who places their feet firmly on the path to living their life's purpose and who has chosen to trust that their intuitive feeling is correct.

By their very nature, these people lift the resonance of the world, by their actions, lightworkers make others happy whilst making their own situations happy and joyous.

We all have the capability to choose a light worker way and to heal the hurts of the world while simply being who we are. No further actions are required on our part, and quite often, it is merely the presence of a lightworker in any given situation that can help.

Projecting positive energy, forgiving yourself and others and choosing to listen to your heart and block out your ego are all the characteristics of a lightworker.

Like any journey, this takes time, practice and patience, but the fact you have chosen to take this path means you are a lightworker *smile*

Being a lightworker is not an exclusive club, no particular or special talents are required, everyone is welcome and the more the merrier. Choose positivity, love and forgiveness and you're to speak!

love, light and blessings my lightworker friends

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