Thursday, 4 August 2011

Imagination Power

Close your eyes for a minute and remember what it was like to be a child, playing in your backyard with siblings or friends. There was always something to do, and worlds sprang up out of the azaleas and marigolds (well in my case anyway) because you wished it to be so.

We encourage the use of imagination in our children and foster them using creative ways to solve problems or to view situations, and seems that somewhere along the way, we are meant to stop using this ability!!!!!

My mother way buying a gift for my son, a picture to go on his wall. She wanted to buy one with dragons on it for him, however, the salesman was attempting to convince her to buy a landscape or something a little less "fantastical". He said, "The baby will grow out of dragons, but a landscape will always suit." My mother, in her best no nonsense, dry tone of voice replied, "His mother never did." She bought the dragons. As my mother related this story to me later, I revelled in the compliment, even though she did not intentionally give me one *smile*

Our imagination is the single MOST powerful tool we have!

It is a shame that once we hit a certain age (not even sure what that is) our imagination becomes a source of embarrassment and we might be told to "grow up" when we exhibit blatant imaginative tendencies.

There is something I can guarantee you though, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mary Kay...these people have imagination and wield it well!

I have also heard a statement (not that I believe it mind) that you can't go where you haven't seen. This is NO problem for someone with an imagination, because even if they haven't seen, they can imagine. Empathy is easier when you can picture yourself in someone else's shoes, so is forgiveness and compassion. Talking to faeries and angels becomes a lot easier too.

I easily visualise where I am going and the steps I am taking because I constantly exercise my imagination through reading and creative pursuits (drawing, cooking, making up games to play with the kids, planning the perfect evening with my partner, buying gifts etc).

Like any other skill, the more you use it, the stronger that faculty becomes...and...whole new worlds will open up for you to explore and enjoy!!

Have fun imagining

With love and light


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