Friday, 5 August 2011


Creativity is just another form of imagination really. I think it might even be the first step to tapping into your imagination potential.

Everyone possesses creativity the same way they posses imagination. People often say to me, "Oh, you're so creative," in a tone of voice that suggests that this is something rare and precious. Precious I agree with, rare?...I don't think so.

An analogy would be math ability and my partner. He's a builder by trade, and he left school before year 12. This seems to have created the illusion for him that he is, "no good at math." To dispel this myth once and for all, I asked him to estimate the amount of concrete needed in a certain space. Without batting an eyelid, he told me within about a minute. Then I asked him to tell me whether a certain piece of furniture would fit in a particular space, and how many lineal metres of timber would be required for a project and so on. he was able to tell me all of those answers off the top of his head. Sure I could do the same math (I am a math teacher after all *smile*) and sure I would get the same answer, difference being it would take me a few pages of working out. The point of this analogy? Just because the math my partner did every day seemed to be just "stuff he knew" and wasn't part of some organised system, he had the perception he was not good at it!

The same could be said about creativity. Just because you may not paint or draw or other things considered to be creative, does not mean you are not creative.

Think about it for a minute; whenever you decide what to make for dinner you are placing different things together to make something new...creat-ive. When you choose what to wear...creat-ive. When you organise your furniture in a space...creat-ive. Anytime you make something new whether it be a space, an object or anything really, you are being creative.

Being creative is exhilarating and satisfying (especially when it works the way you thought it would) and is the first step in tapping into your imagination. Then where there are supposedly limits...there no longer is!

With love and light

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