Saturday, 6 August 2011


The third of the most powerful trio of tools we possess (imagination and creativity being the first two...these are outlined in the two posts previous to this one) is enthusiasm.

I am sure you have noticed that when asked to do something you are enthused about, the task takes on an aspect of excitement. You feel bubbles of energy and the task feels no bother at all to complete. You go about the task without complaint and even take on extra work involving the task without being asked. You may put a lot more time and energy into completing something you are enthusiastic about and feel joy at being able to do it. These are the feelings I get when I am enthusiastic about doing something and I know I cannot be alone in these feelings.

As you started reading the above paragraph, I am sure that your mind reached back into memory to produce an experience where this statement was true for you or the experience rand true for you. I am also sure, that the reverse was true too. your mind also produced a basis for comparison; this being a task you were most definitely NOT enthusiastic about. I bet your mind remembered the time seeming to drag, every part of the task seemingly onerous and the deadlines looming without the feeling of satisfaction and completion, rather a mad sense of panic that you wouldn't be finished on time and the consequences for this??? Am I right???

All of this is just a way our brain reacts to words...imagine then, if you "tricked" your brain when the time came to complete tasks you are less than enthusiastic about? My goal (and I am not saying I always achieve it) is to approach EVERY task I have to complete with copious amounts of enthusiasm! Sometimes I admit, I am faking it at first. I plaster that smile on and encourage my body to remember what it does when I am genuinely enthusiastic about something. I ask my body to copy that feeling and fake it *smile* Does this seem dishonest? I am sure you can anticipate what happens? It doesn't take long for my brain to catch on to what my body is doing and very soon I am genuinely enthusiastic about the task.

The result of tricking my brain like this and engaging in sneaky body and mind altering behaviour? Well everything is fun!!!! Even washing and hanging laundry can be fun! It's true, I am the proof :0)

When you start to approach all of life with the immense amount of enthusiasm you approach delightful tasks...well, soon everything is delightful!

With love and light

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