Sunday, 7 August 2011

Looking behind you

It is in our nature to look over the past (sometimes continuously) and think on the things we "did wrong" or on the things we would/could have done differently. I wonder today at the value of spending a lot of time and energy in doing this?

There are times when it is important to review past actions and situations in order to learn from them or to move on from them; I think though, that for the most part, looking behind you at the things that have occurred in the past, is the way we choose to punish ourselves.

As we have already discussed, guilt and blame are a useless waste of time and energy and achieve nothing in the furtherance of our goals to be pure beings of love and light. Therefor, looking behind us and into our past experiences is, for the most part, also a waste of our time and energy.

This comes back to one of my main themes. Forgiveness!

It is not necessary to chew over all the details of the past in order to release them and move forward. You can issue a "blanket forgiveness," so to speak, of yourself and others without having to re-live and wallow in the details. We are human, and we do make mistakes, that's a given. Choosing to forgive those mistakes in ourselves and others is what creates love and light. Choosing to dwell on those mistakes, our own or others, is what creates disharmony and useless feelings of guilt or shame.

Looking behind you is not the best way to move forward. Keep your eyes on the goal you wish to achieve, focus your will in obtaining pure love and light energy and keep yourself away from dwelling on the past for it serves no purpose.

With love and light

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