Monday, 8 August 2011

Distance Travelled

Along our path, it sometimes may seem as though we are working really hard to do what we feel is right and listen to our heart, soul and divine guidance and yet...nothing seems to be happening???

We all have these moments, sometimes, not long after, if we persist, then the change is exponential and the difference huge. Other times, this feeling may persist and lead to you feeling disheartened.

I encourage you in these moments to look at the distance travelled. This is the concept I talk to parents about in parent teacher interviews, especially if they feel discouraged by their child's results. Before I begin each unit of work I give the students a diagnostic test to find out what they already know about a topic. Then they complete formal assessment at the end of the unit of work as well. So even though a child may have a 'C' on their report card, it is quite possibly not a reflection on how hard they have worked or the amount they have discovered about the topic. So, I produced the two assessment items and show parents their child's distance travelled. "You're little one has a 'C' on their report card, however, they achieved 2 out of 45 on the first test and 26 out of 45 on the second, so you see, they really have worked hard and learned a lot of new things."

As you can imagine, this conversation is comforting to parents and actually, dispassionately and quantifiably, shows evidence that a student/their child has achieved great success.

I encourage you to look at the distance travelled. Imagine your life, the person you were and your responses and reactions to things just 2 years ago? What is the distance travelled? Have you learned a single thing in that time? Of course you have, you learn and grow daily (one of the awesome things about not knowing everything *smile*) and each of the steps you have taken, have made a huge difference. You are learning, growing and discovering more and more each day, each week, each year. It is the nature of who we are...nothing is stagnant and without change.

If this is a moment of frustration for you, or a moment where you wonder if anything is EVER going to be as you desire it to be...then look at your distance travelled and I guarantee you have come so much further than that "C" you've given yourself feels.

We are all loved and blessed, our lives are guided by divine, beautiful beings, just be you, it is all that's required.

With love and light

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