Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Powerful forces

Recently I remembered the powerful forces created when we, of like mindedness, join together to make something occur or to change something that has/is occurring.

Over and over again lately I keep getting the message, "Gather the troops." This confused me at first, we aren't fighting a war are we??? Of course not! So the use of military jargon threw me off the track for a moment or two (months that is *smile*). I did however, figure it out in the end. The message was describing to me the power behind group action.

We all know this for a fact. On the abusive side of this power is the force behind a mob or riot. A group of people thinking the same thing and acting it out. (In this case, without real thought to the consequences). This is a force that can be harnessed for good. I didn't truly understand at the time why we did this, but during a catholic church service, there comes a time in the mass where the priest asks for us to remember in our prayers certain members of the congregation or their family etc due to illness. I figured that if there family was already praying for them, what good did any more do? I mean God can hear them, so why repeat the request?

Well...the explanation to those questions is quite simple to me now...when we offer a prayer, we are letting the universe know, with clarity and passion, that "this" is what we desire to happen, whatever "this" we happen to be praying for. Of course we know what the universe does then, it makes it happen. This occurs for just one individual every day, from big to small things.

Imagine then, the response of the universe to 100 people asking/praying for the same thing? What if it was 1000, tens of thousands???? The mind boggles.

So, when we act together in concert, to achieve goals such as peace, happiness, and a positive welfare for the globe, it creates a powerful force.

With love and light

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