Wednesday, 10 August 2011

What are we capable of?

We have the capacity for infinite amounts of love, joy, beauty, peace and tranquility. We are able to take the sorrow from another and make it into love. We are able to grow, create and show enthusiasm for our tasks. We can create an environment of loving and supportive energy and we can enhance the places and people around us just by being who we are.

Why then, I ask, do people not do this? Is it because they don't understand? Is it because they don't know that this is within their grasp? Is it because they are led only by their egos and have forgotten their divine purpose? I don't know the answer to that question.

What has hurt my heart lately is the understanding that people choose not to know. They choose to focus entire conversations on things that are negative and hurtful even when this means they will get more negativity and hurt as a result. They choose not to follow the directions of their heart and their divine team and in so doing, give themselves over to their egos.

One of the hardest things I have learnt as a light worker is to be able to leave others to their choices even when I can see the pain that may result. You cannot force anyone to see their actions as harmful, you can only suggest that perhaps there is another way. You cannot make someone see what they do not wish to see; and quite frankly, it is not our place to because it is their choice. Gee it's hard though...when you see a friend being self destructive, of course the first thing you want to do is help them; and you can. You can lead by example, you can do the things that are right for you and your loved ones, projecting love and light towards the goals you have chosen. You can gently encourage others to follow and send out prayers and healing light for those who choose another path. You can be you, your divine and perfect self and act lovingly and supportive.

There are people who choose not to see, hear and listen to the messages their hearts are giving them and those who cannot see or hear the messages at all. Your only task in relationship to these people is to love them, nothing else.

We are capable of infinite amounts of positive and loving energy.

With love and light

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