Thursday, 11 August 2011

Anne of Green Gables

I suppose you'd be right in wondering what the title of a children's story by L.M. Montgomery might be doing as the title of this blog post! Aside from the fact that these stories come a close second to my all time favourite collection of works; there is one thing I love the most about Anne and that is, her ability to see the beauty in everything and often seek the child within.
One of the most amazing tools in keeping myself energetic and open to new opportunities is making sure I see the world, as often as I can, through the eyes of childhood.  the world was/is magic as a child, there are so many unexplained and beautiful things and just about everything is delightful. People have often stated to me that they wished they had the energy of my three year old, and the truth of the matter is, we do, we just have to tap into it *smile*

Laughing, singing, playing and "being silly" are the best possible tools for opening your eyes, energising your spirit and dispelling moments of anxiety.

It is impossible for me to remain melancholy as I join in the latest antics of my three year old. I mean, who could possibly be cranky as we sneak around the house to find hiding places to jump out and tickle Dad??? Or when we're playing rolly poly down a grassy hill??? Or making the most amazing castle from the sheets, pillows and lounge cushions???

Your mission for today? Cast back into memory for the best day you ever had as a child and replicate it. Go to the park for a swing with friends, jump in a puddle, spend the afternoon collecting coloured rocks or shells from the beach, finger paint, make mud pies, jump rope, play tiggy or hopscotch, see how fast you can run to the light pole on the corner, read an Enid Blyton book, pick field mushrooms, have a water fight...whatever you do, make it fun, laugh loudly and uproariously and have a fantastic time.

With love and light

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