Friday, 12 August 2011

The little things

Today I went for a bit of a drive with my partner. We were to have a lovely day out on the coast, picking up a few things we needed, dropping some things off, topped off by lunch overlooking the islands and beautiful ocean. It seemed though, that this was not how the day was to pan out.

Firstly we were stuck behind some very slow moving vehicles on the highway and were stopped at road works a couple of times. When we reached our destination it seemed to take longer to do the things we needed to do and therefore we had time to grab a quick toasted sandwhich and a milkshake before having to head home to get our youngest child from day care. So much for our leisurely lunch in a bistro overlooking the magic of the ocean.

As each of these events occurred, I found myself getting more and more frustrated with the day. I spent an entire day having to remind myself that I hadn't walked a mile in the shoes of the other people causing me this frustration. I had to constantly focus on the fact that there was always a plan and just at the moment, it just didn't seem to coincide with the one I had *smile*

So, instead of taking the moments as they came and enjoying the time spent with my partner without the children (a rare occurrence) I spent the whole day fluctuating between frustration and chagrin.....

My choice then was to focus on the fact that I was NOT getting what I wanted and expected, rather than choosing to focus on the fact that I achieved all the things I felt I needed to do and that I was getting some quality time with my partner, albeit, not as I expected.

It is the little things that can make a difference. In fact, everyday is made up of "little things"and when you choose to focus on the little things that are going right, the others cease to matter. When you can forgive instantly the little things that may annoy or frustrate you, then you have a much happier day as well.

It really does make no difference what so ever that we ate toasted sandwiches in a flying hurry rather than a leisurely lunch by the beach, because we were together. It makes no difference that we had to sit in the car for longer...because we talked the whole way and had more time for in depth discussion.

Forgive easily the little things that frustrate and annoy you and just let them go. It really makes no difference in the end except to determine how YOU felt about your day. I guarantee those slow drivers on the highway didn't care at all about how their driving had effected my day, and why would they?

With love and light

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