Saturday, 13 August 2011

Taking offense...

When people are talking to and with you, are you automatically on the defensive and looking for fault in what they are saying about you? Is it your instinct to be upset and to always see the "wrong side" of any statement? I used to be a bit like this, and I am so glad I discovered the cause and learnt to put aside this learned behaviour.

You see, the problem was not that all the people I spoke to or listened to were mean spirited or offensive by nature, the real problem was my own sense of self worth. When people spoke about me, I automatically assumed that they were mocking or teasing me because I didn't believe for a minute that I was worth any more than this. I believed any compliment was delivered "tongue in cheek" so to speak, because I simply could not believe that a compliment could be true when said of me. I was often offended and indignant, and this hid, quite effectively, my low sense of worth and esteem.

When someone says something you feel is offensive either to you or about you, let it go! There is no point in holding on to anything like this, no point to bearing a grudge, and not even any point in analysing it further. Just forgive.

Forgive yourself for allowing something in your life to be a negative factor, and forgive the other person for making the statement in such a way that you took insult. After all, who cares what another thinks of you? If you love yourself and know yourself, then their opinion is irrelevant anyway. We are all perfect and blessed beings with gifts and talents aplenty. If someone else can't recognise this in you it really is THEIR problem, THEIR issue and THEIR baggage...not yours.

With love and light

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