Sunday, 14 August 2011

Changing your perspective

I can't sit here and tell you (and I certainly hope I haven't given you the impression) that my journey has been or is always plain sailing. I have my own moments of doubt and definitely moments when I am far less angelic like than others. I am human and have the same human frailties as any other human. In fact, each of these posts, and the information I pass on through this blog, are lessons I have learnt and some of them, that I have had to learn repeatedly.

When I have moments where I am feeling less in contact with my divine and angelic self, I always turn to meditation. It can be any number of things, but the one type of meditation that has been the most helpful in all circumstances is to get back to nature. Even if that nature is a cultured veggie garden or park.

Plants have such a healing property all of their own. Sitting in amongst plants whether they are great big fig trees in the botanical gardens, or my sweet little strawberry plants in the veggie patch always makes me feel better.

After a sojourn with the plants that happen to be available, I always find that my perspective on the situation troubling me has changed. I haven't had to think about the problem, clear my mind or any prescriptive type of meditation practice, just sitting with the plants is enough to give me clarity and solutions rather than problems.

Plants have been on Earth so much longer than us. There is something so incredibly magical about sitting under the boughs of a tree that is three times your age. I can almost feel the majesty and wisdom of such an old soul *smile*

If you want a change in perspective, if you feel that you are stuck in a place or mind set that doesn't suit your chosen life path but have no idea how to shift or change it, spend time with nature in whatever way you can access it. Plants love unconditionally (and dare I say it, unconcernedly at times) they are like talking to a stranger or to your cat, they don't judge you or make assumptions about what you are saying or thinking and they are great at helping you to clear away unwanted energies.

With love and light

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