Monday, 15 August 2011

Keep your eyes on the prize

When I hear the statement "keep your eyes on the prize" as a way of expressing focus for manifesting what you desire, I have two separate thoughts on the matter that sometimes confuse me.

While it is perfectly true that the best way to manifest your circumstances, life and surroundings to be the way you desire them is to focus your intention on what you desire rather than what you lack, sometimes it doesn't seem to work.?????

The thought came to me today to talk about pure and divine intentions and this relates strongly to "keeping your eyes on the prize" I believe.

I believe that each of us knowingly and willingly signed a contract of life's purpose before we arrived on this earth and there is a part of us (a large part I hope) that remembers this sense of purpose. It is this that draws us strongly to different areas and thoughts and decisions. It is this guiding principle that informs all of my decision making processes and helps me to understand the world around me so I can continue the work that I do.

Having said all of that, I am human! Sometimes the things I desire are not part of or even may be diversions to the pure and divine purpose and journey I walk. The desire to stay in a job I cannot function in anymore is one such instance. I know in my heart that my role has changed, that I have done everything that was/is required of me in that role and taken from it the lessons that will serve me. However, I feel it a little difficult at times to realise I have to let it go. If I were to focus my will on retaining this job, I have no doubt that is exactly what would happen, I would stay in the job even knowing it was a diversion to my path. So, I am keeping my eyes on the prize, and my focus remains firm on this intention even though I know it is not the fork in the road that will achieve the end result I seek.

My ego attempts often to inform my path and decisions.

The factor that keeps me from being diverted too far, and makes this process so much easier is the absolute faith I have in myself and in the divine team guiding me, but more than that; I act always with the pure and divine intention to be a force for positivity, love and forgiveness. This pure and divine intention keeps me from getting diverted or from letting my ego take control. When I make decisions and choose what to focus my will and that of the universe on, it comes from this place...the place where my only intention is to be a force for love and light in this world. This is my true goal, the steps to get there are completely up to me and I can take all sorts of wandering paths if I wish to and choose to. This one goal is the REAL prize, the place where I know my contract will be fulfilled and I can go home with peace and love in my heart.

The point I guess, is that when I focus my intention and keep the "prize" in sight, it is not always successful unless of course I am looking at the real prize and the ultimate goal. Everything that I do, say and desire that comes from this pure and divine intention manifests, and it does so really quickly.

With love and light

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