Sunday, 21 August 2011

Conversation with a light worker child...

The last few days in my household have been a little strange in terms of our communication. My three year old has pushed every possible boundary to see how far it will stretch, my partner is away and I have found myself increasingly more impatient and just a bit snappish despite my best efforts to the contrary.

Last night, as my son was having his bath, he burst into hysterical sobbing. I raced into the bathroom to see what had happened. At first, he was sobbing so hard, he was unable to articulate the problem clearly. All I could hear were the words, "I miss..." After several minutes taken to calm him down, I asked him to tell me what it was he missed. He stated, "My other family, I cannot see them anymore and I miss them."
"Can't you see them in your dreams and when you close your eyes?" I asked (I wasn't quite sure who he was referring to, but have found the best way to get the whole story is to just keep questioning.

He told me quite clearly that his "other' family where he has a brother and two other parents, couldn't visit him here and this made him sad. He said he no longer wanted to live in Pumpkin Land (the name he has christened our home town) and that he "just wanted to go home." He told me that he was happy with this other family when a man came and asked him to come to Pumpkin Land, but that he really missed his home.

I thought about this for a few moments and asked for advice from my divine team about what to say and do to ease his obvious distress. I asked a few questions like, "What is it about Pumpkin Land you don't like at the moment? What do you think we should do? What would make you feel better?" and other like questions. His distress increased and he was quite hysterical. I calmed him down again and this response came through from my team.

I knelt down with him and told him I knew what had happened. He stopped crying immediately and asked, "What/" with immense curiosity. "I think the sad and cranky gremlins have found their way in here. Don't you think I have been a bit sad and cranky?"
"No Mummy, it's not you."
"I don't think so either. I think we should kick those gremlins out don't you? I am going to close my eyes and MAKE them leave." (Which I promptly did)
When I opened my eyes, my son said, :High five me Mum" which I did, then said, "Do you think we banished them?"
"I am going to really kick them out, I am imagining a green light all over our house." He squeezed his eyes shut tight for a few seconds, uttered a little sound. His eyes flew open and he said, "Done, they're gone and won't come back."

With this, his whole demeanor (and mine) changed. The irritability, lack of patience and frustration left both of us. The pain in my hip and back that had been plaguing me all day virtually disappeared. He climbed out of the bath and got dressed, brushed his teeth, cleaned up his toys in the lounge room and asked me to read him a story before bed. I finished the story not 5 minutes ago and decided to write this post and share this moment with you all. He is peacefully asleep with not a worry in the world!

What a blessing it is to work with these amazing beings.

With love and light

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