Monday, 22 August 2011

Pain, suffering and martyrdom

Some would have us believe that the only way for a human soul to achieve greatness is through suffering and martyrdom. With my whole being, I shout "NO" to this. It is true that some beautiful and amazing people have achieved a perfect state of listening and being their true divine selves, and that they attribute this to the trials and suffering they have faced here on Earth. There is no denying that this is their belief. However, I dispute the belief that suffering, pain and a sense of sacrifice are what is REQUIRED to achieve this spiritual growth and connection with the divine self.

In a moment of anguish and doubt, I asked the universe why we suffer so when we, none of us, signed any contract that included the need for pain and anguish. I asked why it was possible to have so much hurt in the world, and why that sense of struggle kept holding on to us.

The answer I received was so simple that it made me laugh. We know of course, that the universe acts immediately to fulfill our desires. The law of attraction states that you get more of what you think about and focus on. We have the example of some of the most beautiful, spiritual and amazing beings who did indeed suffer and at times martyred themselves for the 'cause' in order to obtain spiritual peace. Bless them eternally. This example however, has left us with a general consciousness that we are required to suffer in order to be pure and spiritual and focused entirely on our purpose.

So the answer I received? Well, the answer was "...because you expect it is necessary and feel that to achieve a perfect and divine connection with yourself and the universe, that this suffering is the only way to achieve it. So we give you what you ask for."

I tell you when I heard this response I laughed until my sides hurt and I was gasping for breath.

My interpretation of this answer then was also so simple. Suffering, pain, martyrdom are all HUMAN constructs; nothing divine in these feelings or situations. We have done this to ourselves (tell me that does not make you laugh???) we, as a collective, took the example of those who suffered for their faith and to find their perfect and divine path, and made it into the ONLY example of how to achieve what we all seek. The fantastic truth of this simple answer is that, if we constructed this ideology and this way of thinking, then we are also able to deconstruct it.

Bottom line is, if you feel the only way to achieve your spiritual path and complete your journey of love and forgiveness is through pain and suffering, then this is exactly what will happen. However, if you shift your thinking and KNOW that you can be the pure, divine and perfect you without the need to suffer and struggle, then this is exactly what will happen. All we have to do is believe that we can achieve our goals and approach the world with love and forgiveness as the motivation for all our actions, and this will be true.

With love and light

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