Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Signs from the divine

I have talked often about getting, listening to and following signs given to you from divine sources. I guess the only thing I haven't said anything about at all is how you can tell the message you are receiving IS divine!

There are a couple of things I pay attention to in order to ascertain the message and it's origins.

1. If the message contains ANY negativity, harshness or otherwise un-angelic attribute, would cause harm or pain to others, it is definitely NOT divine and has more likely come from your ego.

2. Is the sign repeated often? I find that if I have 'ignored' a sign because I put it down to coincidence or was distracted and not really listening, then the sign/message will be repeated. I call this one "Pester power" *laugh*. At times I really have ignored what I am being told because it didn't seem to suit me. I am then plagued all day about listening. Songs all say the same thing, sign posts and billboards have the words on them, people I meet might have names in relationship to the message etc, until I listen and do as I am being urged. Naturally, once I have done as I felt was right according to the sign, then everything works out infinitely better.

3. AND the most important is your instinct and intuition. If you FEEL that what you have heard, seen, thought, dreamt or felt was a message from the divine, then you are right (excepting of course anything that fits into number 1).

There are no tried and true methods of receiving and hearing messages from your divine team. This is why taking time to know your heart and truly listen to your soul and the world around you is so important. When you have taken the time to do this it becomes really easy to distinguish the messages you are being given o follow, to consider or to act on.

Remember to listen with your whole being

With love and light

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