Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Salvation comes from within

I know it is a very old, and not very relevant term when we say "salvation." It brings up assorted memories of having to sacrifice and martyr ourselves as well as the term "damnation" in association (a concept I really don't ascribe to or believe in in any way). So let me define this term; salvation, when I use it, refers to knowing, believing, feeling and expressing your divine self, and acting always from a place of love and forgiveness.

Salvation then, actually comes from within yourself. Again (and I know I have said this many times) it comes down to making the choice to move towards an existence where the only things that are real and concrete for you, are things that come from this place of love which exists within you.

Imagine the moments in time when you have been at peace, calm and felt blessed and loved. We have all had such moments, although for some they may be fleeting. Now envisage yourself living always in this moment, of feeling always as though you are loved, protected and blessed as well as free to live your life in a manner that makes you divinely happy and causes no harm to others. This then, is salvation.

All it takes is a choice and then trust in yourself. You are worthy of such a 'charmed life' where the entire world seems to be just waiting for you to express a desire, and you are loved by all you meet. In fact, this is who you really are. Focus your intent on loving yourself enough to let go of any old baggage that makes you believe that term "salvation" in the way it used to mean; that you have to sacrifice and act in servitude, go through specific rituals at particular times or any of those other notions that make you feel there is a concept such as "damnation" as well.

You are a divine and beautiful being who already has the love of a team of divine and angelic guardians who protect and help you in your daily life.

With love and light

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