Thursday, 25 August 2011

Love and Hate

As a teacher of our beautiful youth, I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard the term "I HATE....." and the ..... is usually something like "maths" a certain person or something like that. This is not the type of "hate" I am referring to today when I write; hate that is strong and passionate about a particular thing or circumstance, not just a turn of phrase.

Love and hate have been said to be the opposite of the same coin, and I would have to agree.

It takes an enormous amount of energy to hate something, and I mean truly hate something. You have to be committed to it and think about it often and act on it. It can be all consuming and it can change the world around you.

The same things can be said of loving something or someone.

The main, and most important way that love and hate are the same, is that they are a CHOICE!

There is where the similarity ends.

The energy used in hating someone or something is a waste of time at best, and destructive at worst. The energy used for love is a positive influence at worst and life changing and amazing at best.

A commitment made in love is long lasting, helpful, healing and energised, it spurs you into positive action and by doing so, assists all of those in your immediate sphere. A commitment to hate can only be destructive.

Constantly thinking and acting from a place of love is beneficial for all. I don't think I need to describe the devastating effects that can happen when a person chooses to act always out of hate.

Both of these emotions can hold equal power over you and can be as strong as each other. However, it is a CHOICE you make in deciding to seek revenge or forgive, to dwell on past hurts or to move forward fearlessly into a bright and happy future.

The first step in choosing the path of love is to take the word "hate" out of your vocabulary, even using it as a catch phrase for emphasis. Remove the word and you are part of the way there to removing the emotion. Hate is like the Mythical Goddess Maab in the story of Merlin. She lost all her power when the people turned their backs on her and refused to acknowledge her existence. Without anyone to worship or fear her, Maab ceased to exist. The same will happen when we all turn our backs on hate, refuse to acknowledge it's stirrings in our own hearts, and shut it out of existence.

Choose to love and to forgive; especially those things that seem to be un-forgivable (there is actually no such thing), choose not to dwell and let those feelings of hate fester and turn into self destructive actions, move forward with resolution and passion into a future that holds nothing but happiness.

With love and light


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