Friday, 26 August 2011

Magic moments of clarity

I laughed out loud this morning and felt a warm glow around me as I made my good mornings to my vegetable garden, pulling out a couple of weeds and basking in the warmth of the morning sun. I was feeling a little out of sorts and sought solace in nature as I often do; I was thinking of what could have made me feel a bit "weird" and non-communicative and a sudden breeze stirred the leaves of a tree. A heap of leaves fluttered and swirled in the breeze before settling to the ground. I laughed. I couldn't even tell you why I laughed except that it was a beautiful moment and I had been outside to see it.

As soon as I laughed, the tightness across my chest and the feeling of "weirdness" vanished. I sat on the grass and thanked the tree for its magnificent display and the entertainment it had caused for me and felt at peace.

So what happened? In a split second, the time it takes leaves to fall from a tree, I went from out of sorts, weird feeling and a little grumpy (if I were to tell the full truth) to laughing and peaceful.

I believe that we are offered these little moments of clarity from time to time. When we need to feel uplifted and the weight of our lives and responsibilities seems heavy rather than delightful, we will be provided a moment of clarity. I was reminded this morning of the beauty that exists all around me even when I feel despondent. I was shown that laughter really is a great tool for opening the heart and giving perspective. I was reminded that this tree had seen all of these moments come and go for the humans living in this place for a long time and that I wasn't alone in my thoughts and current mood and this gave me comfort. It was demonstrated to me that even when I feel a little out of sorts, that taking a moment to enjoy, with child like abandon, the falling of leaves from a tree will put those feelings in perspective and free me from them. All of these things from watching the wind play with the leaves of a very old tree over my back fence.

Seems a little like magic to me.

With love and light

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