Saturday, 27 August 2011

Your view of the world is about perspective

The way you view the world, think about the world, respond to it and react to it depends entirely on your perspective. You can only see what you know and feel what you know.

I have often pondered the human condition that we think everyone else thinks and acts the way we do. It is a subconscious thing and every human I know does it. This works splendidly if you are someone who always sees the good, acts with integrity, trusts and has belief in the divine good that is in us all. It also may open us up to a little hurt as well, since if you don't think in a manipulative and deceitful way, the you will seldom see it coming when someone acts this way towards you. :(

Though it may not seem like it, this is a cause for celebration!

Perspective is a matter of learning, experience and a fair dose of choice (I am sure you are sick of the sight of this word in my posts by now...*rueful smile*...but it is the truth). People who have been cruelly treated by others, or often hurt by circumstances view the world as a place where you are hurt, and left battered. In there experience, this is entirely true. Because they focus on this aspect of their experience, then it becomes even MORE true for them as the universe strives to give them more of what they think about. It becomes a bit of a cycle.

I CAN tell you, with great authority and conviction, that it is possible to break this cycle and to change your perspective. How do I know this? How can I use words as strong as this? I can because I was one of those people who went from crisis to crisis constantly feeling the victim of bad choices, bad timing and bad people. I was knocked down repeatedly and even though I managed to get up every time, each time this happened, I felt more and more reluctant to even try picking up the pieces of my life and rebuilding. (Sounds so dramatic in print) All jokes aside though, I had only two options; I could continue the cycle to its ultimate conclusion where I just didn't get back up one time and ended a suicide. Alternatively, I could change my perspective.

I wasn't really conscious of this choice, but my divine team were. I went to the beach to sit by the moving water and feel the tug of the moon (always soothing and comforting for me). I took note pad and pen since automatic writing had helped me before to ease the troubles and burden I felt.
I sat and wrote for hours, filling an entire notebook with the toxicity that was spilling out of me. I felt neither hungry, weary or thirsty, I just kept writing and writing and writing.

To begin with, I was slumped over the table with my arm protectively across the page scribbling furiously. By the time I had finished, I sat up straight at the table, the book out in front of me. I never reread what I had written except the last page. On this page was a prayer. At this stage I had not been into a church or offered up a formal prayer for about 10 years or so. I would have been lucky if I could even remember the liturgy and prayers I had been bought up to believe, let alone the names of angels and saints. But this is what I had written:

Raphael, help me to embrace the beauty within me, to acknowledge my divine self and positive energy filled with your green light. Enable me to see that I am valued, loved and protected constantly; that you hold me in your arms, guiding my steps for the good of all. Help me to tread the path I chose and to have confidence in myself and my ability to live a life of love and forgiveness. Fill me with your healing grace and end the suffering I have felt necessary until now.

I say this prayer still every night before bed. The repetition of these words daily has enabled and guided me into changing my perspective of the world. I can still be hurt, and am ambushed by deceit and malicious egos because I never see it happening. My view has changed though. I feel pity for those who act from this perspective and forgive them their actions. I love and forgive myself. Most importantly though, I walk through the world KNOWING that angels guide and protect me from real harm and so am able to see the infinite beauty and majesty that abounds and the abundance and love flow.

Find your words, ask your angels to guide you and help you when you feel vulnerable and fragile. There are no limits to their love, caring and forgiveness. There is no place where they cannot reach out to you and help you to heal and gain a new and delightful as well as abundant perspective of the world.

You are loved, protected and cherished


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