Sunday, 28 August 2011

"Good enough?" I don't think so...

One of the concepts I struggle with when I see it in others is this concept of, "It's good enough". Whether they are talking about an action or task they have undertaken ("Near enough is good enough") or whether they are talking about settling for second best or whatever they can get.

Both of these ideas seem to me, to be a product of not coming to terms with the fact that we are all divine and loved beings who have a whole array of support behind us should we care to ask for it.

Whenever I undertake a task, be it doing the house work or writing a children's story, then I take to that task the same amount of enthusiasm and energy. When you undertake to do a task, it should be with your whole heart. If in fact, you halfheartedly complete something you have chosen to undertake, the message you send to the universe is the concept that you are willing to accept less and indeed expect it! Who wants that for themselves?

The thought that you need to settle for something other than that which you desire is born from a lack of belief that you are worthy of everything your heart and mind desire. Once again I am being asked to drive the point home to all who read this blog that we are ALL loved and divine beings and that nothing that we desire from a place of love and forgiveness will be denied us. There is NO reason for you to think your current situation is all you have for your future. I heard a saying once that made a great deal of impact on me; it was, "The plans and thoughts you make today will determine the life you have 5 years from now." I think I may have even written about this before now in an earlier post.

The hope in this saying is that if you wish to change your circumstance or to attract different personalities and situations to you then you absolutely CAN and in fact should. Put aside thoughts of sacrifice, martyrdom and pain as well as any ideas about worth. I am loath to ascribe to any concept that denotes you (or anyone) having to "earn their place in heaven" or to be worthy of gifts and rewards. These concepts are archaic and do not fit the current energy of the world. By choosing to live in love and forgiveness you are worthy, as a divine being, you are worthy, by being the best "you" you can be, you are worthy, by making the choice to love, you are worthy, by getting out of bed each morning, you are worthy.

I'd love for everyone who reads this post to look themselves in the eye, in the mirror, and tell themselves themselves, "I AM WORTHY OF ALL THE THINGS I DESIRE." Keep repeating it until there is some semblance of belief in the eyes of the person looking back at you. Do it daily, just keep building your belief. Aside from the fact that this is a core truth, it is through loving and believing in ourselves that we can find the energy, compassion and empathy to love and forgive others.

You ARE worthy, beautiful, divine and gifted; you are also truly and deeply loved.

With love and light

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