Monday, 29 August 2011

Abundance in thoughts, words and deeds

One of the infinite and enduring laws of the universe states that whatever you put out into the world (energy, actions, thoughts) you will receive back 3 fold - in other words, in three times the amount. Now I don't have any empirical evidence or statistical data to account for the validity of this statement, however, I do have plenty of anecdotal evidence *smile*

There have been times in my life where all I could focus on were the things that were not as I desired (I have written about this before) in fact, it was down right tough. I made statements often about how I was "sick of struggling" for everything etc, etc. Naturally, I received more struggle and more of the same occurrences. After choosing to make a mind shift and start applying what I knew to be right about attitude, perception and the laws of the universe, things changed a great deal.

To start the ball rolling, I started focusing on the small things I could do every day to help ease the needs of others. A smile in the right time and place, a note on someones desk to let them know they were being looked after, cooking a meal for someone who was sick and all those other small random acts of kindness. I did this until it became a habit in me to look for opportunities to help others in a small and seemingly insignificant way. I didn't really avoid the pitfall of servitude (see an earlier post for more information on this one) but eventually managed to open my own heart to receiving as well as giving. The effect was instantaneous. Concerned people popped up all over the place to lend a helping hand, some of them I didn't even know. Some unknown stranger in the post office paid $100 off my phone bill, a neighbour won some money and randomly gave me $1000 of it. These things happened often, and were not all financial, but exactly the type of assistance I required at the right time (Thank you angels).

I then took a bit of a life review. I asked myself what i had learned? Three of the most prominent things I had learnt to this point was that a) You always get more of what you ask for, b) that words have power and c) that whatever you are putting out to the universe was what you would receive in return. I wondered how I could combine these things to effect a change in my own circumstances.

The best I could do at the time was to continue being kind and loving towards others, helping where I could without being a servant, and write my lists of top ten desires.

While all of these things served their purpose and helped me to start to make decisions and effect change in my life, things really started to accelerate towards a loving and positive future for me when I finally understood the principle that I had to fully embrace what I believed in thought, words and deeds. So far, all i had done was acted and written. At this point I started to modify my language (even in my head) and eradicate words such as need, want, struggle, fight, pain, hate and all of those others from my verbal and non-verbal language. Things began to change for me at an increasingly rapid rate.

Abundance to me is no longer solely about financial things, in fact that is the smallest part. Abundance is about the veggies growing in my garden, the love and friendship of those around me, the richness of experience, the drawings I complete and the stories I write. As soon as I had let go of the notion that abundance meant I had lots of money, and as soon as I fully embraced the notion of an abundant life in thoughts, words and deeds, I have rocketed towards success in all areas of my life (including financially incidentally *smile*).

I have a true belief that I am loved, protected and guided in all of my actions by an awesome divine team. Couple this with the fact that I lovingly and with gratitude accept abundance in all areas of my life and give willingly and without reservation or thought of reward as often as I can; and you now have the secret to success.

With love and light


  1. That resonates so deeply with me as truth.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I love you for that!

  2. Many blessings Sunny xo
    I really LOVE those moments where all of a sudden the picture is clear and you hear a bell ringing resonance in your heart. Really glad I could share in one of those moments with you.

    Love and light