Friday, 19 August 2011

Service or servitude?

As a person who often expresses love through acts of service and the like, I have sometimes been confused into mistaking servitude for service.

The difference I guess between the two is that if you are performing an act of service such as making a pot of soup for a friend who is sick, or something like that, then your whole heart is in the act of giving. Servitude on the other hand, is doing things for others all of the time, with no time for yourself or thought to looking after your own needs. It is the attitude that all others needs supersede your own.

Acts of service are kind, loving and giving ways to express love and give joys to others. An attitude of servitude denies others the chance to give to you, ignores the fact that you are a divine and blessed being yourself with every right to the help care and service you shower on others. In short, acts of service are a gift to others lovingly given and received, an attitude of servitude to others is harmful both to you and others.

Take a look at the things you do for others. Are you continually ignoring your own needs in order to make sure they are looked after and helped, even to your own detriment? If this is the case, ask your divine team to help you see the value and worth in yourself and shower the love and kindness you show for others, to yourself as well.

It is never selfish to take care of your own needs, never. In order to be able, capable and strong enough to care for others, you need to be healthy both physically and mentally yourself. Open your doors to receiving as well as giving; all things are balanced for well being. Love yourself enough to let others look after you occasionally, and for you to always look after yourself in order to shine your light the brightest.

With love and light

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