Thursday, 18 August 2011

The stirings of something big

Today I feel the universal energy shifting towards something huge and magnificent. I can almost literally feel the tide turning from dark and shadowy behaviours towards light, love and laughter. I cannot tell you how full of hope and excitement this makes me feel and my fingers can't type fast enough to get these words into print, so to speak.

I can literally feel things changing, I feel the acceleration a gorgeous light worker I know talks about (Authentic Me...look her up if you want to know more about this, she's brilliant). We are moving so fast now towards our desires and goals I would be surprised in the least if I was the only one feeling this intenseness about the universal energy at the moment.

Of course, choosing to be in touch with this energy also lends a little frustration. I am like a child that knows a great and wonderful surprise awaits and I want it NOW! *smile* but I am choosing also to use this enthusiasm of anticipation to ignite that excitement in others.

I instinctively believe that this world we currently live in, where the news is filled with tragedy, death and violence is coming to a close and cannot hold on much longer. Breathe it in intensely. Take a moment to feel the current shiftings and swirlings of the world around you and feel for yourself what I describe to you.

I choose to anticipate this arrival with an open and loving heart and seek the truth of this feeling in all the situations I encounter. For the past several months, my intuitive feeling has been borne out again and again. In situations where certain people have been known to be antagonistic, they simply haven't been. Where people have 'usually' chosen to be negative, they have seen the positive, when people have refused to see the signs given to them, they are suddenly sitting up and taking notice.

Our divine team are working over time at the moment. Sit up and take notice light workers, we are the fore runners of the time of love and light energy that is arriving as we speak. We welcome everyone with open arms and love in our hearts no matter what "crimes" we feel they perpetrated because they too will change to suit the new energy or they will choose to move on.

I feel such excitement and I really hope that the feeling is oozing through my words and seeping into your souls as you read I know you can and will join with me in welcoming a new era of love and light energy and banishing forever the need to hurt, dominate or persecute.

With love and light

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