Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Sometimes, when I am pondering the topic or discussion I am asked to pass on through these posts, I only get the title of the post. Then, as I sit down to type, I have no idea what it is I am to write, and just start typing. In the end, there is always something and it seems the message is received and passed on regardless of whether I know it before hand or not.

Today I received the message, "Write on connectedness today." So, as per usual, I sat at the computer, opened up my blog, but now I find it difficult to express in words the message for today. (I know...really unusual for me>) So bear with me as I fumble my way through this a bit.

Connectedness is a feeling I have deep in the pit of my stomach, in fact in every cell of my entire body and every minuscule part of each cell. It is a feeling of communion with the world as it stands today, as well as the direction in which we travel and aspire to attain. It is a feeling that promotes and almost euphoric state of being where I can visualise all the small threads that join us all together.

There are times where I feel in closer connection than others, and there are times when I don't feel this connection at all.

A part of why I write these posts is for this feeling, to encourage and foster all who read my words to establish a connection with themselves (first and foremost), with others and with our global community. This does of course, include plants and animals as well.

As light workers, we have the ability to translate this feeling into positive action. For instance, I am fairly beaming today with the powerful connection I feel with the universe and all within it. Every time I speak to someone today, they feel that energy from me because I embrace it, love it and deliberately project my happiness and well being towards others. The tele-marketer I just bid good-day to without buying his products could feel this energy over the phone and didn't try to persuade me, the postal worker delivering me a package today smiled widely as I raced out the door with a cheery, "It's almost like Christmas to be receiving a package today." Many such incidents have filled my day to day. Watering my vegetables and pulling out a few weeds became a source of delight as a little beetle (busily munching away on one of my pakchoi plants) crawled across my hand and then flew away. The driver refusing to indicate that was in front of me this morning amused me rather than annoyed me, my three year old's antics over eating breakfast became a story telling time rather than a source of argument and frustration.

This feeling feeds on itself as well. Since I feel such a close connection and vibrant energy with this day, and I have embraced and expanded upon this feeling without frustration or annoyance even entering the picture, then, as you know, the universe has responded in like kind.

I believe connectedness is when we feel most at home with who we are in the here and now and closer to our divine selves and our team of divine guides. Absolutely nothing can go wrong with this day, everything I do will be golden and every choice the right one. I feel this in my soul because I am connected to the world through threads of energy and "sameness" that encompasses us all.

I hope I have done some justice to the feeling of connectedness. I feel this is a very important and meaningful topic that I have barely touched the surface of. However, it is a start and I am more than happy to hear your thoughts on this or any other topic.*

With love and light

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