Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Our bodies are highly sensitive and tuned to our needs and the environment. It puzzles me sometimes when i see that people ignore the messages their body is telling them???? I really don't get it.

Our bodies are designed so that we function in the most efficient manner given the circumstances we are in. For example, when we are frightened for our lives, our body releases adrenaline to assist in our escape, making us able to do things that under "normal" circumstances we wouldn't be able to. It gives us pain signals when we touch something hot well before bad physical damage can occur and reflexively makes us snatch the part of us in danger out of the way. We don't have to think about these responses, they just occur because on that very basic survival level, our bodies actually know what's best. I think the best example I could give of this is during childbirth. The body definitely takes over there!

So why then, when our bodies give us other signals that there is risk to us, or a change that needs to be made, do people tend to ignore their body? As we walk further down our path and learn more about our true, divine natures, the current world and world energy can have an impact on our body as well as our soul, emotion and well being. This response is unique to all of us and all I can talk about are my own experiences.

I know intrinsically when I am in need of a rest and some hide-away time because I become extremely sound sensitive (not a good thing to be with a boisterous 3 year old in the house I can assure you). I don't require silence, however noise for the sake of noise (T.V on, Music, shouting, electrical equipment and the like) can actually make me feel physically ill for a bit. When this happens, I know it is time to seek solace in my quiet garden alone for a while until everything returns to normal.

Occasionally I will also have food sensitivities where certain foods which I normally eat, I cannot seem to even get to my mouth let alone actually consume them. I may crave certain foods at certain times. For example, in winter, I crave garlic and real surprise there, thank you body, I haven't had a cold or flue in a very long time. My body acts to tell me quite clearly what it needs and doesn't need dependant on the circumstances.

I am hypersensitive to smells as well. Really sweet, perfume type smells often give me an instant headache until I remove myself from the situation as an example. Quite often, when these smells are involved, it is a situation I know I would rather not be in anyway.

These are some of my more obvious and everyday sensitivities, there are loads of other examples of where my body has helped me to avoid negative situations or physically harmful ones by giving me very subtle signs and indicators. It is really important to listen to your bodies sensitivities. Those molecules that make up the physical part of you are really fine tuned in determining what is best for you in a lot of ways. When you develop the practice of listening to those sensitivities, messages and indicators that your body gives you, then avoiding harmful circumstances becomes a piece of cake *smile*

With love and light


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