Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Building your tool kit

Someone mentioned to me a couple of days ago, that they had "read all these motivational books, done some courses and now, as a last resort, I am going to a clairvoyant to help fix my life."

Couple of things about this statement that set my teeth on edge a bit. The first one is the assumption that someone else is responsible for fixing this person's life and that no responsibility at all lies with that person at all. The second is that there is some kind of "magic fix-all" solution to every one's so called, problems.

This brings me to the point pretty quickly today I think. Each time we read a book, listen and learn, we are absorbing another tool to put in our kit. When a similar situation occurs again, then you/we/I already have developed the tool to deal with the situation. New situation comes up, a new tool is gathered to solve the perceived problem and we have collected another tool. The "secret" then, to following the path laid out for and by you, is to gather tools as you go that suit you, your particular situation and your personality and growth so that each time something pops up that you think has to be dealt with, you can rummage around in your own personal tool kit to find the tool/s that suit you best.

I don't like giving advice with a, "this is what you should do" kind of tone, because there really are no "shoulds". One of my intentions with writing this blog, is to offer different types of tools and express how they have worked for me. In so doing, you may see this tool and say, "Hey, that actually looks exactly like what I need right now," and add that tool to your own kit, or, "I don't like the feel of that, it doesn't fit right with me," and leave this one.

We become increasingly resilient to those "hurdles" as we build more tools and start getting a little inventive, creative and imaginative about how we use them. There is no right or wrong way, there are no should do's or shouldn't do's...there is ONLY what suits you best for the moment in which you feel you need to do something.

With love and light

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