Monday, 26 September 2011

Home to my bubble

Holidays are nice, festivals and faery dust sprinkling is fun, however, it is amazing to come home to my safe haven and recharge my batteries.

I think the most discomforting part about travel is the fatigue that results from physically moving your body from space to space, being out of routine and interacting with other spaces and people.

It brings home to me today the concept of creating a safe haven for yourself and how important this is. I believe I have mentioned this is an earlier post, but not in a lot of detail.

Everything has a specific resonance and energy level and these resonances interact with the things beside and around them. Even though an object appears solid, it actually resonates, the particles vibrate against each other (although those molecules are far more tightly packed than in liquids or gases) and the sum total of "things" in a space create an overall resonance. As well as this innate resonance, there is also the energy we consciously bring to a space. When you have consciously organised your space to your own best fit (which is different for all of us) you are in effect, creating a place that resonates in perfect sync with your own energy and placement at the time.

I believe this is why moving house can be so stressful and why travelling and staying in other places has a level of stress with it. I noticed that when we had settled in to our accommodation at Arlie Beach, that I had unconsciously moved things (including some furniture) to emulate as close as possible, my home environment *smile* This is not because I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but rather because I am highly sensitive to the resonance of spaces and feel it acutely as a low level stressor when my environment is not in sync with me and my family.

It is really important to have this space for yourself. There is no point in staying home all of the time because you are too highly sensitive to the change in resonance of other spaces. This is not good for you either. However, it is REALLY important to have a space to come home to in order to recharge your batteries and for your body to take the time to just be rather than competing.

As an added protection for my home, I imagine the area that is my yard and house plot to be surrounded by a one way crystal shell. Only love and light energy can infiltrate into the shell, although everything can get out. In this way, i am reinforcing the idea that this is our safe haven.

If you feel a little disorientated at home, or if something seems wrong but you're not sure what, try rearranging your home space. Move furniture, purge out unwanted items, get rid of clutter, introduce plants to the inside space, add or subtract colour. Let your heart guide you to what it wants and you may see a change in how you feel. It could be just as simple as not being in complete harmony with your surroundings.

With love and light

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