Sunday, 25 September 2011

Not knowing the whole picture (yesterday's *smile*)

Today was a very busy and exciting day (hence the reason this post is a little bit later than I usually post it). I was at the North Queensland Spiritual Festival in Proserpine all day today and achieved a lot, even though, to begin with, I really did think I was on the right track.

The problem I had this morning and then into today was that I was anticipating my role in the festival, the reason I was sent to be there today and the purpose behind it. I assumed, when I had had very few people actually purchase one of my books and yet heaps of people stop by, that my purpose for being there must have been to provide a healing space for all of the people attending the festival. Naturally, wherever I work, I fill the space with my own love and light energy and then ask for the Angel's Michael and Raphael to stand beside me as well, increasing the amount of positive and healing energy in my space.

As I came to this assumption, I became a little cranky with my team. I don't mind at all going where I am sent and doing the work I am told to do, however, in this case, I would have prefered to do it whilst selling and signing books, that was the agreement I thought I had enetered into and it made me frustrated to think I had the message incorrect.

An hour or two into the festival, I was booked in to read my story to whichever audience wanted to attend. I went to the required room and sat down to wait. I asked Gabrielle to be present (who better than the messenger to be there to help me?) and closed my eyes in quick meditation to calm the jittery tummy. The minutes ticked by and still no one arrived. I was puzzled, yet determined to use the quiet and solitude I had unexpectedly gained. What did I do? Well, I took my team to task didn't I? I admonished them to prepare me for sitting in a convention room to draw and heal others rather than letting me go with the assumption I had, at which point I would not be dissapointed etc etc. I then said, "...and Gabrielle, I'm going to look awfully silly reading a story to myself, get someone in here quick." (I was a bit cranky...angels are forgiving though). Two minutes later a beautiful soul entered the room asking if she had missed the reading. I positively beamed at her and asked her to take a seat. I proceeded then to read my story just for her with as much love and healing energy as I could fill the room with. She loved the story, we had a fantastic chat afterwards, and a beautiful healing took place for her. I wandered back to my stand and sat down behind my desk to draw.

Instead of drawing though, my Ancient Wisdom cards fell out of my bag at my feet as I attempted to retrieve my paper. I shuffled the deck for about twenty minutes, not paying any attention to my surroundings or focusing my thoughts at all. Three times I withdrew the same card, returned it to the deck and shuffled again thinking it was not the card for me. I finally decided this must be what I was being told (duh Roxanne...only took three times *smile*) and read the card. The message was clear; it stated that I was stuck in want, need and poverty mode, that until I let go and allowed things to happen as they should, I would remain seemed I had given my team a telling off and I was the one responsible *blush* with a quick, but very sincere apology to my team, I closed by eyes, cut the cords to my surroundings and assumptions and let peace fill me up. I exhaled negativity, opened my recieving doors as wide as can be, and embraced the circumstances I found myself in.

You know what happened next right? The woman I read my story to half an hour earlier came and bought a copy of the book and some art work. People still drifted through for healing (each one of them physically touching the drawing of Raphael I had on the table in front of me) but they also purchased copies of the book, faery capes, faery dust and my inspirational, healing post cards as well.

As SOON as I let go, as SOON as I gave up the assumptions I had about the day, people came to be healed, restored AND to buy. Serves me right for thinking I knew the whole story *smile* I had an amazing and wonderfuk day sprinkling faery dust and love, and I get to do it all again tomorrow!

With love and light

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