Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday at the Festival..Random Acts

Today at the North Queensland Spiritual Festival I was given wonderful reinforcement in relationship to random acts of kindness. I have spoken about the powerful love energy interchanged when anyone does something like this before, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to reinforce this for us all.

I noticed today (which actually made me a little sad) that while children flocked to my stall to look at, touch and read my book, and that they loved my story, sitting attentively to listen and stopping me often to ask amazing questions, their parents kept baring them entry. *Sad face* A child would look pleadingly at Mum or Dad and ask for a bottle of faery dust, or a picture post card of faeries or some such thing and Mum or Dad would say "No" and move them along only to buy them a cup cake around the corner from me. The cup cakes were delicious, I sampled more than one myself, however, they also cost a little more than a small bottle of faery dust would have, so money wasn't the issue.

While I contemplated this conundrum for a moment or two I must have looked a bit sad, because all of a sudden, a beautiful earth angel at the store across from me came over and very timidly said, "Excuse me, I..I have been watching you all week-end, and I just wanted to come and give you this." With that, she held out a beautiful magic wand. I couldn't have helped myself if I tried (and I have to confess, I didn't try) I threw myself around my desk and hugged her really tight! I was so thankful and grateful that in a moment of sadness, this beautiful angel sensed my need and offered me a gift! Such a wonderful moment.

This gave me an idea too. I love children, the inspire me and give me the most fantastic hope for our future (don't believe the hype about "today's kids...they are beautiful and amazing souls...take it from a school teacher who spends a LOT of time with them). I figured, they were also in need of random acts of kindness just like me. So off I went with bottles of faery dust and I gave them to every child I could find. No parental objection if it wasn't going to cost them their hard earned cash *still a bit sad* and the children all became delighted, animated and energetic little souls. Buoyed by my success in being able to brighten their day, I turned my attention to the adults. I have a picture post card that is a colour in angel. It gives people the chance to create the image of their guardian. It is just an angel outline without a face even. I armed myself with these and walked the fair again, this time handing colour in angels to the big people, urging them to contact the child within...every one remembers colouring in! Such great fun. You know what...their faces lit up too, the very same way the children did. Only one person refused and I had over 100 cards to give away. Pretty good odds I think *smile*

With a few simple gestures, I believe I made a difference (even if a small one) to the day of the people I met today. *Big beaming smile* It feels good to give.

With love and light

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