Friday, 23 September 2011


I hold firm, and truly believe that all things happen with divine timing. That is, at the most perfect time to benefit us the most and that if we only have the patience to let things unfold as they are ordained to, then we have less time in backtracking to find the correct path for us, less "missed opportunities" and a whole lot easier journey in the long run. There is a BIG difference though between knowing this and feeling it.

One of the concepts I still have to remind myself of constantly is to have patience and accept the time frame I am given. It is natural for me to want to move faster towards the goals I have set and to want to be at my desired location "NOW" not next week, next month or anything else that may be planned.

I am sure you realise though, that trying to force things into moving faster to suit our own time scale, or acting prematurely usually only acts to make the journey longer.

At time (all the while counselling myself to patience) when I have known what my next step is but also that it is not time yet to take that step, I have gone ahead with it anyway. These have been the times when I have generally taken myself back ten steps rather than forward the twenty I thought I would go.I don't deem this any sort of "punishment" or the like (angels don't do that) it meant though that I had thrown a few things out of whack and those things had a ripple on effect which meant I was either back where I started or behind that again. *big sigh*

One of the things that helps me to be patient when I feel I am moving forward at a snails pace or not moving at all is to remind myself that I am human and therefor cannot know all the stories of all the people, situations and places that there is to know. Thankfully, I am only given my story and parts of other people's story when I am ask to deliver a message or pass on information. It stands to reason then, that a whole lot of "stuff" is happening all around me that I am unaware of. The divine, on the other hand, ARE aware of everything to do with the people, places and circumstances of everything happening all at once. Given this information, and the knowledge that a decision is best made from a place of knowing rather than a place of ignorance, it makes sense to wait until I am given the instruction (either through messages, gut instinct, hunches or otherwise) before acting.

I won't kid you though, the art of complete patience at all times is still a little illusive to me. I am human, I know where I am going and I want to be there NOW!!!! *smile* Thankfully I have a team behind me who know and loves me despite (or maybe because of) the fact that I am still learning and embracing this concept of patience.

Having the patience to wait and to reflect and to be ready to act without the frenetic "jittering" we as humans do when something exciting is coming, comes down to having complete, unswerving and total trust and faith I think. Where moments of ego are non-existent, where our very 'humaness' is totally eclipsed by our total diviness. I guess what I am saying, is that this is a life long project for me, and I am VERY quick to forgive myself when I throw one of my "I want to do it now" type tantrums, and I restart from where I am to progress forward again. There is no point in wasting time and energy on recriminations for a human response to a frustratingly human situation. Why bother with that? I take some deep breaths, imagine patience as though it is a syrupy honey filling me up, be calm and quiet and ask, "So where to next?" of my team.

With love and light

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