Monday, 3 October 2011

The landscape of our mind

Once again today I am offered inspiration from a book I am currently reading for todays post. Amazing isn't it, how these things just happen exactly when and how they are supposed to? I have read this book many times and yet, I don't ever remember reading this passage before this morning. It states

" was amazing to me how completely the landscape of my mind had changed. We all know that a winter scene, though it may be covered over one day, with even the trees dressed in winter shawls of snow, will be unrecognisable the following spring. Yet I had never imagined such a thing could occur within our very selves..."

Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden, (1997)

As I read this wonderful imagery this morning I developed a picture in my mind which depicted my thoughts and emotions as a landscape. I couldn't help it; after reading this passage this morning I automatically saw the "happenings" inside my head as a landscape. A beautiful spring in the mountains with wildflowers growing prolifically, warm weather perfect for growing things, beautiful sunshine and cloud formations very early in the day, etc, etc.

This bought to mind other times when my landscape may not have looked so cheerful and beautiful, but perhaps was slightly gloomy and fog shrouded had I cared to see it then.

I have always been a visual person and am more likely to interpret and take meaning from things that I see rather than things I hear. When I forget myself, which at times I have, when i forget I am a divine being who is loved unconditionally, I have always "seen" myself as being at the bottom of a hole that I could not dig my way out of. That I have been covered by a dense black shroud that meant I struggled to breathe, to think, to act. That i have to "fight" my way to the top, clawing hand over hand until I reach clean air.

Since reading this passage this morning, I have changed my mind. I have decided that if my mind is a landscape, I am the gardener. I can plant delicious smelling herbs where before there may have been barren desert. I can urge grass and wildflowers to grow in the corners that may have harboured resentment and guilt before and thus appeared as a swamp or mire. I can choose to weed the garden of anything that no longer suits my higher purpose and I can do all this my imagining it to be so and with the help of my gardening friends Raphael, Michael, Gabrielle and Jophiel.

With love and light

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