Sunday, 2 October 2011

No matter what

I have spent an energetic day healing and being today, and do you know what came to mind again and again as i saw people today? It was the thought or more accurately, the remembrance that we are totally, completely and unconditionally loved no matter what. It occurred to me that if people remembered this, then at least three quarters of the barriers they put in place for themselves would no longer exist, in fact would not even be put into place at all.

There are no conditions to divine love. There are no prerequisites to receiving help, love, comfort, healing and nurturing from your divine team (other than your permission given of course). No matter what we feel we have done, or the worth we place in ourselves. No matter the judgements, mistakes or errors we feel we have made, there is NOTHING that can make our team turn from us, judge us or inflict guilt upon us. They just don't do this, never will either. Those things we do to ourselves and each other.

I take immense comfort in the fact that I am loved so deeply and unconditionally, and I know I never have to justify my actions to my team, I never have to worry that they will ignore me because they're mad at me. I never worry about stepping on their toes or having them be offended at me and shunning me, because i KNOW, I am loved, no matter what!

Sit still for a moment and imagine your team around you. Close your eyes and feel them there. Ask them their names, listen to their offer of love and comfort. Allow your team to be heard, grant them permission to love you no matter what. We are all perfect beings, we are all unconditionally loved by the divine and we have no need to earn or justify this just is.

Take comfort in knowing that you are loved.

With love and light

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