Thursday, 17 November 2011

Do as you will

I can't tell you how many times I have based my decisions on the "right thing to do" for everyone else and ignored my own needs, who I am and even some times my own identity and integrity. This has been one of the largest factors that have acted to slow my progress  along my own journey.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with honouring your own body and needs, with protecting yourself and loved ones and with sometimes saying "no" because it is the best thing for you to do for you.

One of the important things I have learnt surrounding this, is that through looking after my own needs, making sure I have time for myself to be me; just Roxanne, not Mum, healer, teacher, partner or any of the other roles I take on when necessary; just ME, is that I am able to actually give more of myself! Sounds a bit like a contradiction doesn't it? The reality is though, that when I take time out for myself and nurture myself the same way I would for others, I am able to build up resilience, strength and reserves of energy that I can use to serve myself, and others, far better in the long run.

Here's the trap though (like the traps I spoke about in yesterday's post), when you take the time for yourself and do the things that look after you, keep firmly in mind that your actions are a sign of respect for yourself, NOT a "stuff you, I'll do what I like." While this may seem like a small thing, you are signalling your intentions through the words you use. A respect for self, with a firm but loving hand in saying no to others is an act of love. Saying, "Stuff you, it's me first this time," is an act of ego.

Doing the things that make you happy is an act of love, healing and is energising. An act of love. Taking the attitude that everyone else can "go jump" comes with feelings of rejection, anger and guilt. While this may seem like it's just a word you may use, and therefore has no importance...words have power!

With love and light

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