Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Power plays and traps

I am really proud of myself for the handling of a situation I was confronted with just recently. one of the things I have to continually practice is keeping my temper on a short leash and not immediately taking the bait when someone is deliberately (or not) trying to lure me into a confrontation. This happens more often than you might think. Sometimes, I think, when someone is feeling a little insecure or perceive there will be some advantage to themselves, then they will pick a bit of a fight with you. No one thinks straight when they are angry. While I constantly remind myself that being angry about a situation is not helpful and in fact actually causes physical symptoms that are harmful, I do have certain triggers that mean I have to work really hard at times not to react with anger. (Don't we all?)

Very recently, someone confronted me with statements in a highly aggressive manner, with condescension and with a huge amount of ego. I guarantee you there was nothing loving or forgiving about their body language, choice or words or demeanor at this point. It was a power struggle of sorts. This person was determined to "put me in my place" in her pecking order, and this was the method she chose.

My first instinct was to react, to fall into the trap of responding in kind and put this person firmly back in HER place. (Not a very angelic moment for me...definitely human) In the split second before I unleashed a bit of a tongue lashing, I received a moment of clarity I suspect came from my divine team. I clearly saw the trap I was being unwittingly led into and it almost made me laugh out loud. I saw clearly that this insecure person wanted me to engage in an argument with her, and was using her words in an attempt to make me feel less. All of a sudden, I didn't want to "put her in her place," nor did I think it was my job to teach her about what she was doing and help her heal.

My team was very present with me in this moment (remember this is all happening in the blink of an eye), I did send a momentary thought asking "Could I not be very human for just this moment, just for the small satisfaction I would get from telling this person off?" The answer was of course, a resounding NO! *laugh* I didn't really mean it anyway. So I let her continue with her ego based behaviours, just making eye contact with her and not engaging in any other way. When she was finished, I mentally said, "Whatever," continued the eye contact for a few seconds and then replied to her in a really calm way, with no anger, no intent to push her down or otherwise engage in a power play of any kind. I answered her with love and forgiveness for the way she had spoken to me, letting those emotions flow through my tone of voice and body language.

This person seemed quite put out, and again I nearly laughed out loud, although this would not have been appropriate at all. I found it amusing that I hadn't responded, and also that the 'trap' had become so obvious.

The remembering I had from this encounter which will make it infinitely easier to avoid these traps in future was that I am not at all concerned with mortal power struggles. I answer to a far higher authority than any other human being and quite frankly, someone who chooses to act out of ego rather than love is not someone I would devote a lot of time engaging with unless I am required to, so their personal opinion of me doesn't matter to me either. I am strong and confident in my ability not only to do my job, but in terms of my value, my life journey and my connection with my divine team. All things considered, why would I care enough about "power" and "hierarchy" and all those things here on earth as human beings? All of these things are human constructs and have little or no relevance to our path as spiritual and divinely created beings, someone else's opinion cannot change my path or take away my goals unless I allow them to, so why would I give them my time and energy or engage in the power struggles initiated through hurt and a lack of confidence on the part of others?

This reminds me of a saying I heard recently (not a direct quote, but it went something like this *smile*); The way people treat me is a reflection of their journey and their Karma; the way I respond reflects mine. So, just keep shining that love light, no matter the traps that are laid for you, the power struggles people try to engage you in or the attempts to undermine you that sometimes happen.

You are loved and protected always.

With love and light

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