Tuesday, 15 November 2011


I often think of my life using the analogy of weaving a tapestry. I am the creator and architect of the tapestry, which means that ultimately, I am the one responsible for colour selection, and the threading of each fibre overall. Sometimes I think I was only given (or remember) a vague impression about what the finished picture should look like and then given a whole heap of different colours and thickness of thread in order to do my work.

Each of the colours in my weave represent thoughts, feelings and emotions and experiences in my life, which I then weave into the whole picture. There are some experiences that are a bit dark, and while maybe they are not the colours I would have consciously chosen for myself, they are the ones I have in my hand in order to weave. I can choose to just lump them into the weaving in a clump and throw the over all balance into disarray, or, I could choose to use the dark colours to embroider and enrich all of the brilliant, bright joyous colours and make them stand out all the more.

As each thread is woven in and out of the tapestry and as my life progresses further and further down my chosen path, the overall image is becoming clearer and clearer. Now at this stage I choose my own colours instead of just making the best of the ones that just appeared there; I am the architect and artist of my life tapestry; when this is hanging on the walls of heaven, I want people to stop and say, "WOW! Will you look at the richness, detail and beauty, this truly expresses the perfection of life as a human being."

With love and light

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