Monday, 14 November 2011

Change can be uncomfortable

When we learn a new way of looking at the world, of thinking about the world and others in it, or when our perceptions suddenly change, this growth can be a little uncomfortable at first. This is not unlike meeting people for the first time. At first, we are reticent, holding back a bit to gauge how they think and feel and the type of person they represent themselves as. Conversation can be a little awkward at first, then, gradually, we find things in common to talk about; we get to know the others thoughts, feelings and speech patterns, and suddenly we find we might be best of friends with this person and have trouble remembering the time when conversation was a bit slow and awkward.

This is the same thing when suddenly we find that the things we 'knew' or thought we knew, don't actually fit our new way of looking at the world. When something we believed to be a fact turns out to be a perception, when a concept we thought set in stone is actually set in sand; this can be a little uncomfortable at first.

If you find yourself reading something or hearing and experiencing something that makes you a little uncomfortable in this way, it is perhaps because you are being asked to challenge and analyse your perceptions of "how things are" and reassess their value to you. It may seem uncomfortable for you to change a life time pattern of thinking, feeling and acting in a certain way, however, as we grow and walk further on our spiritual path, this will happen at times. Soon though, you will be embracing this new concept, thought or action as though it is your best friend, and you will no longer clearly remember a time where you felt any differently.

Rejoice and surrender to growth times even if they feel a little uncomfortable at first. This is a sign that your understandings and perceptions of the world are expanding and growing to match the shining light inside of you.

With love and light

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