Sunday, 13 November 2011

The full moon

Before I ever knew what was happening or the processes I was going through on my journey, I was fascinated by the phases of the moon; in particular, the full moon. It seemed to me that my body was intrinsically in sync with the moon phases. I have more energy at particular times, and less at others, and eventually, as I began to take note of these differences, I saw there was a pattern to my energy levels and the moon phases. I believe this is the same for us all, even though the patterns may be different.

Scientifically speaking, there is a huge mass stuck in the gravitational force of our planet; the moon's mass and the earth's mass effect each other with their respective push and pull of, how could we avoid being affected by this?

The moon is also a symbol, and from earliest times, a sign of the fact that there are divine beings looking down on us. While these legends are different for different cultures, and vary in importance from place to place and people to people, it is evident that the moon has played a major part in 'man's search for meaning' amongst celestial bodies and the heavens.

If you combine these two factors; the moon and it's representation of the divine and it's gravitational impact on the earth, with a shift and change in personal energy and feeling, it adds up to a fairly significant (if circumstantial) concept.

While I love the aesthetics of a full moon; the image of her rising above the waves at the beach or high in a cloudy sky makes my heart sing, I don't think of the moon itself as a god or goddess *smile*. The moon reminds me to be aware of my body's cycles of ebb and flow of energy and also reminds me of the divine beings looking out for me and helping to guide my steps.

At the time of the full moon, I am reminded to take the opportunity to fill my soul in/with nature, to breathe deep, to remember and trust my divine team, to be aware of my body's cycles and to honour those feelings by paying attention, to take a review of the month that has passed and to anticipate the fullness and joy of the month to come. Because of it's regularity of cycle, the moon phases act as an alarm clock or calender to remind us of all the things that we can do to assist ourselves and be in complete harmony with our divine selves. The full moon, to me, is a sign of all of these things.

With love and light

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