Friday, 11 November 2011

The power of love

Aside from being a really awesome song, the power of love is extraordinary and far transcends other feelings, tools and energies. It is one of the most amazing aspects of both our human and divine selves. There is no simple way to describe to you the immense power in love energy. (Just to clarify, when I use the word "power" I am not talking about a dominance over someone or something...just thought I should define that word a little since it is so misunderstood. Rather, I am talking about an energy or force)

Since 'Love' has so many connotations around it and so many inferences, it is not simple to relate the immensity of the feeling. Most of the time, as it should be, we are feeling it rather than trying to define it. So I thought I would tell you a story about love energy and how it makes a major impact on lives.

As you may, or may not know, in my other reality, I am a high school teacher. I really do love the work that I can do with my students, and I love them for the unique, divine individuals that they are...yes...EVEN when they are giving me a hard time. Reason being, I guess, is that I view each of the students in my class as though they were my own. They receive the same unconditional 'mother love' from me as my own children do, with the notable difference being that I only have contact with my students for a very short period of time.

Until recently, I have been on leave from my classroom teaching job. In fact I returned to the classroom only a couple of weeks ago. I have only been at my current placement for about 2 years, not a long time really.

When I walked back into the classroom to see faces that I knew so well, my heart swelled with pride at the growing they have done while I was away and the small changes that have taken place in my absence, it was like a Mummy duck surveying her brood. I was so pleased to see them again and I am sure this was translated to them through my smile and body language even though I said nothing to them about this, merely throwing myself, and them into the rigours of math learning as usual.

What stunned me then? Their response. Even my year 12 boys, practically men, expressed their delight that I had returned to them in no uncertain terms, they would not let me just 'get on with the job' of teaching until they had found out all about the time I was away, and told me a hundred times how much they missed me and that I was to NEVER leave them again etc etc. I nearly cried, it was so beautiful and heart warming. This same day, a student I had not met before as she had arrived since I left on leave was struggling with the math we were learning. I sat beside her to help her understand the concept and with my usual joking, cajoling, and loved filled manner I guided her through the process, making her high-five me when she completed the questions on her own and then moved on. Not long after I heard her comment to another in the room, "I recon I've changed my mind about taking Math B next year, this is awesome." I stopped still, secretly smiling to myself and mentally high-fived myself for another conversion to the "I love math" club *smile* It dawned on me later though that it was not the fact that she had understood the math concept and overcome the moments of doubt in her own ability that had changed her mind. It was when another student commented to her, "See, I told you she was the best teacher. I like her because she's funny and she actually cares."

I don't know why this surprised me, I KNOW how intuitive our young people are, and I also understand that a loving and caring contact makes far more impact than a cold and indifferent one and yet, I was flattened by this interchange (not in a bad way), it bought home to me how much of a difference we make to others when we view them with only unconditional love in our hearts, with a genuine care and feeling for their needs as well as a view to helping in some small way for them to see the brilliant potential in themselves.

With love and light

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