Thursday, 10 November 2011

Clearing away the toxins

Today, another tool to add to your healing tool kit if it suits you.

Often, through no choice of our own, we find ourselves in environments that do not suit our light worker sensitivity and aim for love and forgiveness. A lot of workplaces have a toxicity about them as people compete, ego's come to the fore and the "every man/woman for themselves" attitude pervades the very air we breathe. I am most certainly not saying all work environments are like this, however, some of them most definitely are. Working daily in this environment is bound to have an impact.

If you are currently in a place where the work environment is toxic yet you are not at the point of making a choice to leave it for various reasons, then it is REALLY important to clear away those toxins the same way we clear our physical selves of the same thing.

Having found myself in more than a few of these types of workplaces, I have developed a couple of strategies to help protect myself from the negative energy and egos of others. Hopefully, if you find yourself in this situation, you may find one or two of these strategies useful.

1. The first thing I do is really look at the situation and decide whether I should stay or not. In other words, if there is a way for me to choose another work place I will take it.

2. It is easy to get stuck in a pattern and see only what I know (there is an earlier post on this if you would like more information), so I look at the filters I may be applying to the situation. It is possible that my sensitivity is the cause of the build up of toxicity, I can fix that myself.

3. As I approach my work place, I ask my team to be really strongly present with me during the day; wrapping me up in their wings, enfolding me in their brilliant light and creating a shield around me that protects me form toxic energies, negative attitudes and the egos of others.

4. When appropriate, I burn white sage around my work space to help cleanse the immediate area I work in, when using incense is not appropriate, I have crystals on my desk that I periodically rotate (take them home and leave them in the sun and moon light to let the toxins float away on the breeze).

5. I drink peppermint tea and as I drink it, I ask for the tea to act as a cleansing agent to flush out any energies that do not suit my higher purpose and that may have accidentally accumulated in my body.

6. As I leave my work place, I imagine a waterfall that I have to pass through as I drive out of the gate. This waterfall has magical healing properties and washes away any traces of the toxicity I may have accumulated through the day.

When all is said and done, I am left with a feeling of joy about the day with my focus being on the wonderful things that happened rather than anything not so pleasant.

We are beautiful, sensitive beings who are hurt by negativity and the actions of people living from their ego. At times though, we are asked to survive in that reality, so to speak. Ensure you protect and shield yourself from the negative energy of people who have made that choice. Wrap yourself up in the healing and protective light of your divine team and seek the joyous moments.

With love and light

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