Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Trust yourself

One of the things that has had me doubting and confused over the years is trust. Not in others, (sometimes it could be said I have too much trust in others...although I refuse to believe this is possible) but trust in myself. I have always had a strong intuitive sense of the direction I need to go or the actions I need to take, even as a small child. In earlier days I did not recognise this intuition, and quite often, I made excuses for it that led me to ignore what I was feeling, thus taking a different direction.

In fact, it could be said that I persistently and consistently ignored these intuitive feelings right up until my mid twenties *blush* This is one of the main reasons that I took a far longer road to get to this place and what ultimately led to some of those experiences I would rather have avoided.

When you feel a really strong "tug" to go in a particular direction or to take a particular action, it really is important to listen to it. I don't mean to necessarily hare off impulsively to follow a thought; I DO mean to stop and take a moment to consider the feeling, ask where it is coming from, gauge the sense of insistence and urgency and consider the feeling as valid.

If you intuit that it is better for you to avoid a confrontation, to take the left hand fork in the road rather than the right, to not take up a particular job opportunity (or to take that job), to not get to know someone better, or to make firm friends, to wear the green dress today rather than the red, to eat some carrot cake, to spend time cleaning and purging your house or not, which priority is the highest and the list goes on...well then, you are right.

Your intuition is actually your strongest connection to your divine team. Like any other skill, listening to and following your intuition gets easier each time you practice it. This is the method through which your team can easily guide you and pass you information and lead you to taking the shortest route along your journey.

This is not a special talent, it is a gift we are all given, all we need to do is use it.

With love and light

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