Monday, 28 November 2011

Set your Intentions

Once you have made the commitment to follow your path and commit to your true life's purpose; then you have to do something about it. One of my favourite concepts, and also at times one of my least favourite, is that we are in charge of our own path. We create the situations in which we find ourselves and we also have the power to change them.

The commitment alone is not enough; the desire to walk a path of love and forgiveness is not enough. Each day, you must take steps towards that goal and make it a reality.

Setting your intentions down on paper is a good way to start. Write down all of the things you desire, make a note of the life you want to lead and the person that you are in this place. Create goals that will bring you closer and closer to this reality. Writing things down has a power all of its own. It clearly signals your intentions to the universe which will then start putting opportunities and experiences in your path that assist you.

With this then, comes the free will part! It is easy enough to sit down one afternoon and write out the reality you choose for yourself and your loved ones...that's the easy part. Freedom of choice, being what it is, is sometimes the obstacle that gets in our way a little bit *smile* Once you have your intentions listed, you then have to CHOOSE the options that take you further along your life path. The divine can offer you opportunity after opportunity, but until you are ready to take action, nothing can change.

Prioritise your time in doing the things that make you the most happy, and your divine self. Resist taking the easier path if it doesn't actually serve your purpose. While the first step may be temporarily uncomfortable while learning takes place, and trust in your divine team develops, the outcome is really worth it.

We spend a lot of time, as humans, trying to meet and cater for the needs of others, and yet, we are the most use (energy wise) to the world when we are following our heart and acting from love. I'm not saying to completely discount the needs of others or act in any way contrary to those needs to cause harm or hurt; I am saying that prioritise your time so that 90% of the time you are doing the things, spending time with the people, and experiencing situations that are joyful and make you feel happy.

So, make a list of who you want to be, where you want to go and the world you wish to live in, then take daily steps towards that goal, keep your eyes open for the opportunities that will be presented to you, and then be brave enough; love yourself enough, to take them.

With love and light

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