Monday, 28 November 2011

Lovingly speak your truth

As we journey along our life path, inevitably, we find some people who feel they know better than we can ourselves, what the best course of actions are, the direction we should take and the life we should lead. While these people also invariably, are one's we love like family and close friends, they are a little misguided in thinking that they would know better than we do ourselves where our life journey is taking us.

Dream stealing is not necessarily a conscious thing, in fact, on the part of most people, I think it is definitely not something they intentionally go out to do. Never the less, telling someone they are wrong about their choices and pointing out all  the faults, pitfalls and possible failures of someones ideas and dreams is not an act of love or service...plain and simple, it's dream stealing!

I'm sure you will have experienced it at least once in your life time, where you are super excited about an idea, and event or a plan. You then choose to share that plan with a trusted loved one because you want them to share in the excitement and enthusiasm with you. Then, they start to point out all "the things you haven't considered" or the ways you may fail, or they simply tell you outright you are being foolish or that you are a dreamer. This is dream stealing!

When confronted (and I say confronted because I feel this is a bit of an act of aggression regardless of the amount of love that goes with it) with a dream stealer what can you do?

My way of dealing with this situation is to lovingly speak my truth. Which is to say, I withdraw my permission for that person to comment (either out loud or in my head silently), I thank them for their advice or their loving concern, then I choose to no longer share my dreams and enthusiasms with those people and go about doing what I know is right for me regardless of their dooms-daying or fear enhancing. After all, only I can know what is best for me.

We have the power to CHOOSE whether we listen or not to people who would take our dreams from us or dampen our enthusiasm in any way. I choose not to listen, and then I choose not to share anymore.

With love and light

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