Monday, 28 November 2011

The traps of ego and obligation

Often my life path has come to an abrupt standstill, a diversion or another turning due to the traps laid down for me by my own ego! The biggest one is the trap of obligation, especially when it comes to acts of service for others. I have mentioned before that at times for me service actually looks a little more like servitude.

When we feel obligated to do something that is completely against our own wishes and intent, this is a fairly powerful trap. While we may recognise that what we are being asked to do is not what we would rather be doing or intend to be doing, we do it anyway! Seems silly doesn't it? At the same time, this obligation trap comes with a few friends like guilt, commitment, failure, disappointment and the like.

Here in lies the trap; while we may feel guilty about not doing something we feel obligated to do, such as go to a social event organised by a close friend when we really don't feel up to socialising, or making a card for people we just don't have any attachment for just because it is expected and other things like this, the guilt is all of our own design and making. While it is true that others (especially those with a great deal of love influence with us) have some small ability to place guilt on our shoulders, we have to accept this from them in order for it to be effective.

I have said often before that these urgings to do, or not do things actually don't always originate with us. They are messages from our divine team as well, especially if they happen to be really strong urges.

For instance, this last few days I have been a little under the weather with a summer flue. 38oC outside is uncomfortable enough without adding a fever to it as well. I have been repeatedly urged to take time out, to rest, to nurture myself and rebuilt those resilience shields, I have not chosen to make this my priority. The results have been predictable *wry grin* In the last day or so, I have felt unable to do anything other than the basics for, sleep, rest, meditate with my team. Now, had I listened to my own advice, and that of my divine team, and not fallen into the ego trap of obligation, I dare say I would not have been struck deaf with inner ear infections, bed ridden for a few days with a bit of a nasty cough and fever. While I had the choice to take the opportunity for rest and relaxation when I first fell ill with a slight cold, I chose not to so my body forced rest on me by incapacitating me! (I really wish I would listen the first time occasionally *blush*)

My body knew it was time to rest, my divine team had all sorts of information, ideas and inspirations they wanted me to listen to..but...I forged ahead through sickness and obligations, ignoring what I knew to be "right" and replacing it for what I felt obligated to do with less than savoury results. *smile*

OK, OK, I'm listening now team! *smile*

Avoid the trap of ego and obligation when and where you can. The world will continue to turn, the sun will rise in the east and sink in the west, I will still inhale and exhale all day without me "doing" a thing. Do what you feel is right rather than what is expected or popular!

With love and light

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