Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Back to the beginning

When I first started writing this blog, it was about being an author, writing children's books and about the process I had been through to publish my first story  in the Angel Wings, Faery Dust and Other Magical Things series called A Story About Witches, Warlocks and Such. WOW! That seems like an eternity ago now *smile* These posts are about the process I have been through in order to write these stories, because, without all these learning's, mistakes, spiritual discoveries and journeys, the stories would not have been written at all.

So today, I make a short visit back to the beginning, because my second story in the series, A Story About Merpeople, has just been released. YAY!

One of the influences in writing these books was attending Angel intuitive "boot camp" with Doreen Virtue. A part of that seminar was a discussion on the Realms of Origin, sort of like personality typing, although it is a bit more involved than that; this is the reason Doreen's Book is acknowledged as a source in the back of the first few stories (oh yes...there's more to come, the third one is in production now...woohooo.)

A Story About Merpeople describes the Merpeople Realm. people belonging to this realm tend to have a passion for the sea, the beach and environs, are passionate about conservation, and tend to suffer dried skin and other skin conditions when they live a long distance from the sea. There is a lot more information than this; I'm just giving a really brief overview here.

The reason I write these particular stories is complex too. Our current world seems to move further and further away from make believe, fantasy, magic, miracles and faith. Our children aren't taught the power of their imaginations or reminded of magic very often. People tend to shy away from angels and other magical things for fear of offending someone, or of thinking that fostering this kind of belief in our children doesn't prepare them for the real world. I completely and totally disagree with this idea. The power to imagine, is the ability to create a future for ourselves that is harmonious and peaceful; to manifest into reality the situations, things and people you desire to have in your life, begins with the act of imagining.

An active and frequently used imagination is the reason I can write these stories and why I have no trouble listening to my divine team...imagination is the willingness to believe in something we cannot already see!

So, do the world a favour...encourage our kids to use their imagination, to build upon the skill of imagining until it becomes manifesting...after all, they are in charge of our future too.

With love and light

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