Monday, 5 December 2011


Today and yesterday have been massive days in my house. Mainly for me, but a little inconvenient for the other souls that share my living space too *smile* It was most definitely time to physically purge my house. Having a three year old, we easily accumulate bits and pieces of paper, craft items, half finished products, kindergarten constructions and the like. I also live with a soul who feels the best place to put something away is on any previously unoccupied flat surface, and another who doesn't feel putting anything away at all is necessary (you always know where to find "stuff", it's in that pile over there) AAAAARRRRGGGGGG! I'm not an obsessive neat freak, nor will I allocate more than an hour or so a day to housework, I have much higher priorities than this. I also don't do it all myself...with cajoling, emotional blackmail, demanding, instructing (whatever works really) the other members of this household are also made responsible for some of the work.

The point of this insight into the running of my household? Well, all of this means, that periodically, a massive clean up is required where everything is put away neatly and properly, that big pile of papers that i have meaning to get to are sorted and either filed or discarded and all of the other smaller things that don't get done in between big purging clean ups.

I get a little sensitive to my space as it gets cluttered with "stuff". The more the clutter, the higher my irritation and agitation, until I finally reach a point where I cannot stand it anymore and dedicate a couple of straight days to cleaning, sorting, reorganising and most importantly "THROWING OUT"!

This basic urge in me fills a rather more important function than just tidying up and being house proud. We each "build" or create our space in such a way that it resonates with us energetically. I am sure you have experienced walking into a strange space that instantly made you feel uncomfortable for no particular reason, and others you feel at home in right away? While a part of this is to do with your reason for being there, it is also about the placement of objects and the type of objects that are in that space. Naturally, the space that we create for ourselves, is the one we feel the most comfortable in. If this is not true for you...I suggest you start rearranging the furniture in your space or have a good purge!

Purging removes those temporary things that may have been useful or even essential at the time you got them, but that no longer suit you or serve a purpose. In getting rid of these things either by actually throwing them out, giving them to a charitable organisation or swapping them with someone who wants them, you are removing not only the object, but the energy attached to it.

During the course of every one of these big cleanups I start to feel resistant to finishing it. I feel as though I bit off more than I could chew and want to just put everything back where it was and forget about the whole deal. Bit of a sneaky trick by our ego to keep us where we currently are *frown face* When I start to feel this particular resistance I do stop, take a break, make myself a hot cup of peppermint tea (in itself cleansing), sit out in my garden to relax, and remind my ego, that I AM going to finish this job, and remind my divine self about how awesome the space always feels when I am done. I use this technique as often as I need to to get the job done. Sometimes, like when I am throwing out old photos, or personal items I have held on to for a long time, I have to repeat this process quite often! However, I do ALWAYS feel better once finished, I am calm, I feel happy, relaxed and satisfied...perfect way to be really.

If you feel stuck with a part of your life, if you feel uncomfortable/agitated/irritable even when you are at home in your "you" space, it might just be time for a physical purge of items that no longer serve you, or that you may be holding on to unnecessarily.

With love and light

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  1. I find myself feeling exactly the same way as there's only so long I can tolerate a certain amount of mess. One morning I'll wake up & go, "Aaargh" & stuff just has to go :)