Saturday, 3 December 2011

Your influence

It is very difficult to tell most of the time, the influence your every action can exert on others. Sometimes, it is the most subtle things you say or do that might have an impact on the feeling of others. There are of course obvious influences that you can see immediately; such as when you do something for someone and they thank you! The influence there is obvious.

I believe though, that some of the most powerful influences come from those more subtle things. Students have returned to me in later years when they are studying further, living their own lives in dependant of the system, or with me having moved on to another district; they have shown me the power of influence, even when you don't know that you are influencing anyone. Sometimes, i am amazed at the stories they tell of being in my classes, and the impact one moment in time had for them. To me, I was doing my job, to the best of my ability and with all the love in my heart (naturally), but to them, a single phrase, a gesture of kindness, a word of encouragement in the right place for them, has made a life changing difference.

Two thoughts come from this then.

I strive always to act, think, gesture, talk and be the person that operates through only love and forgiveness. I endeavour to let this feeling and way of being permeate my every silent move and gesture as well as the more deliberate verbal communication. This way, when I am influencing others subconsciously, it will not be harmful to them in any way.

Secondly, this allows me to have more hope that I am effective in my role as a light worker. It may be years before the impact or influence garnered from a moment in time manifests itself. (It also may not happen at all...this is true too). The point is, that just because you cannot see the positive influence or impact you are having on the lives of the people around you, does not actually mean that you have not helped. The child you smiled at and told that their drawing was amazing and wonderful, could, because of your unconscious actions, be the next greatest artist the world has ever seen.

When we live totally from love, and generate a "force field" (for want of a better term), around us that reflects and magnifies this energy and feeling, then even our unconscious acts will help those around us and influence others in a positive manner.

With love and light

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