Saturday, 24 December 2011

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa; the embodiment of the Christmas spirit,

I know that you and the elves are extremely busy at this time of year, and that perhaps my request comes too late. Maybe though, you could keep my ideas in mind for next year; it's going to take some planning and a lot of energy work from everyone.

For Christmas, in fact forever, I would like the following:

Please let each person know that they are loved and protected always, that their lives have meaning and purpose. Let them understand that all they have to do to know and understand what they signed up for is to reconnect with their divine team and to listen.

Please let each person know that we are all the same, originating from the same divine source and that we can celebrate this sameness rather than look for differences and reasons to hate. Please let everyone come to the understanding that the only things that are real and have meaning come from a place of love.

Please let each person know that their thoughts, words and actions create a powerful influence over their surroundings, their experiences and their well-being; that by choosing positivity over any other state, they make a change instantly. Let everyone understand that the way they view the world, the experiences they have and the life they lead can be, and are created by them.

Please let everyone know that they have the power to change things for us all and that if we all choose love over hate, forgiveness over revenge and bearing grudges, that we can help ourselves to make this beautiful ideal everyone's reality.

Over all, please let everyone know that their own divine team of guardians is constantly walking beside them, protecting, guiding and loving them, so that when things seem to be horrible and that nothing is working out the way they planned, there is someone who cares. Let them believe in the comfort, magic and miracles that surround them always.

Thanks Santa, I know I am not the only one wishing this gift for Christmas, and forever.

With love and joy and most of all HOPE in my heart

Your friend

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