Friday, 23 December 2011

Creative frenzy...

Holy moley it has been an absolute frenzy of creative energy in this house for the last few days. It started with me making the most of the small time I have left where my little on is in day care (I love him dearly, but he is so "helpful" and wants to paint and draw and do all sorts of other stuff with me *grin*) but before I knew it...WOW...well you'll see!

The reason I am writing about this today is to show you what happens when you follow the impulses and intuitions sent to you by your divine team. This is a great example, because the creative/artistic stuff I complete is not only my passion, I pour a lot of myself and my love energy into the work so that if people see it, hang it on their wall and show others, then all of this love energy is transferred to other people as well. So, the creation of art work is a part of my life's purpose, hence why I find it so easy.

The concept that things happen easily when your on the right path is the real point to today's post and the fact that the universe will conspire to help you get the job done...boy will it ever!

So, in the last 48 hours, about 12 of those hours has been spent creating. That was the "instruction" I received and dutifully followed. The painting pictured above came first, then a commission work for a lady who's friend had to say goodbye to her baby, a sad but healing work. Followed quickly by a quilt, which while not quite finished, is not far off. The amazing thing about this quilt is firstly that it is a LONG way removed from the images I usually depict, and secondly, that I had exactly the right amount of each of the fabrics I used and the batting to complete it. This is unusual for the fact that I crazy quilt; no measuring, just chop, chop, and "oh, I'll put this bit here, and that bit there," definitely following intuition rather than a planned and measured thing.

 You can see how much has been achieved in the last 48 hours in my creative journey, not because I am in any way extraordinarily gifted, or because I plan and focus with any kind of exceptional skill, nor could you really say I am organised! Nope, the main thing is, I listen when I feel an impulse and an urge to do something in particular; in this case, make art work, and I go with it until the job is done, or I "feel" something else.

Finding and following your true life's purpose is easy if you listen. Do the things you are the most drawn to and have the strongest impulses to complete...this is a message from your team.

Life is easy when you are following the path you contracted for, it only gets difficult if you aren't heading in the right direction. So, if life feels a little tough to you right now, time for a life review. With a new moon this week, it is the perfect timing for it too.

With love and light

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